Our Story

From our childhood we have made our own boilies and as the feed quantities went up it was difficult to keep up. We have fished with boilies from various bait suppliers, but we were never really satisfied. High sales prices and doubtful quality were at a given moment the reason that we decided to supply our own mixes and let them run. We put so much time and energy into our hobby (passion) that we wanted to be sure that were fishing with something good for a fair price. At first it was not the intention that we would sell our boilies outside our direct group of friends, but due to the ever growing demand we could not ignore this any more. Meanwhile Cuytenboilies has grown so large that it is starting to take on more professional forms.
We loved to share our passion with each other before we had started  with Cuytenboilies, and we named it Running Water. A few fanatical (river) fishermen, a nowadays fairly larger group, who in our experience want to share true carp fishing through atmospheric images.
Because of the growth of our company, we recently found a solution where we also contribute to society. At Zorgboederij ‘Het gewone huis’, where Erik (1 of us) is employed, we will allow all packing and shipping to take place from the beginning of 2018. Under the guidance of Erik these people with a physical or mental disability will help us to take care of this. We and they too are very enthusiastic about this! Furthermore, we do not want to make it a too long of a story here. We want to wish everyone a lot of fishing pleasure and maybe we’ll see you somewhere along the waterfront!