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These boilies are designed for river fishing. The mix contains no fish flour and is harder and tougher than our other boilies. Therefore they are more resistant to white fish and it can take a beating.

Because the mix without fishmeal or any other animal proteins we add the very enduring milk protein powder ‘Whey concentrate’ to bring up the protein content. In addition, the boilies are filled with very attractive eggfood Sluis CLO,and we add fresh ground bird food seeds which allows for instant response and the right acids.

By various additives the boilies tastes very sweet and smell like Scopex. This is really our stunner for the rivers and large water systems fishers!


5kg – 15kg €3.50 per 1kg
20kg – 95kg €3.25 per 1kg
100kg – 200kg €3.00 per 1kg

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