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If you are a fan of a real heavy fish meal boilie with a very high protein content and maximum permissible fat content, then the Mocro may be something for you. A boilie that is based on a mix that has been developed with an as complete as possible amino profile. We have made these turnable and fishable by adding a number of ingredients and have been fishing with it for several years. The results are amazing and it is the favourite boilie amongst many well-known and friendly fishermen of ours. Here, really bizarre catches have been recorded on both rivers and closed waters. Especially in the Spring and Autumn it is a very lucrative boilie, as those are the months that a carp is more likely looking for proteins and fats. We will not announce the mix, but there is a very high total dosage of various fishmilks, various hydralises, the well-known Cell yeast powder and Amino


5kg – 15kg €3.75 per 1kg
20kg – 95kg €3.50 per 1kg
100kg – 200kg €3.25 per 1kg

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